By driving customers to sign-up at, you will receive a commission for every order sold to a customer referred by you that contains paid shared hosting plan or VPS hosting plan. What could be better than offering a great service to those that visit your web site, and making a substantial sum for doing so? You only send visitors to us, we'll do the rest.

Through your online affiliate control panel you can:

  • Receive all the technical and billing support you need
  • View payments by sign-up
  • Download your personalized tracking code
  • And track your commission payouts

Monetize your traffic and earn money!

Our offer to you is 50% commission for every paid shared hosting, semi-dedicated hosting or VPS plan you refer to us. That could be very easy because you are recommending our wonderful FREE hosting services and with this you will be getting a substantial amount of money when the referred FREE customers later on upgrade to a paid service.

When Do I Get Paid?

Affiliates commissions are issued and paid on net-60 basis, between 10-15th day of the month [for instance commission for August will be paid between 10-15th of October]. Payment is reduced by $30 for bank fees and charges if payment method is bank wire transfer which the Affiliate fully agrees to be collected from its commission. Commission is issued and paid if over $100.

How Do I Get Paid?

There are four different payment methods through which you get paid: PayPal, Moneybookers, Bank transfer and Paper check. Make sure that you provide us with the correct payment details, so we can pay out your commissions in timely manners.