Free HTML Hosting.

Creating your own website is simpler than most people think. Hostdart has a free hosting package that lets you host .html files.

Although it is often easier to use a CMS like WordPress, which has free automatic installation on any Hostdart hosting plan, many webmaster prefer to write their own code. Free HTML hosting is a great way for you to test your programming learning without buying a hosting package.
Certainly a paid hosting package is required for a website that wants to have a lot of traffic or that belongs to a company or an online project. On the other hand, Hostdart has a great free hosting package for everyone to test and learn how to program.
This is our way to encourage new developers and new sites that could become big hits in the future.

Free HTML Hosting.

It is important to say that in addition to a hosting package has an internet domain (, for example). However, if you don’t want to pay for a domain you can use one of our free subdomain options that are available from the control panel.

If you already have a domain and you have added it to our control panel, or registered a free subdomain with us, a server folder has been created for you to host the files and they will be available on the internet through your domain.
In order for the browser to open your site automatically, your site’s home page must be called index and have the extension .html or another web programming language. There are advanced ways to use other file names, but this will not be covered in this article.

If you want to develop your site from scratch, you may already know that there are more complex languages ​​like PHP that allow for a higher functioning site, all these languages ​​can also be hosted by Hostdart. On the other hand, a site that uses HTML tends to use less server resources, which requires less from our servers.

For novice users, we recommend using a ready made system such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. In the meantime, we are ready to host your HTML site smoothly.
Sign up for free or buy one of our paid packages and be one of our satisfied customers.

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